Discover Christ’s Youthful Years

Introducing the ONLY book series exploring what the Scriptures can tell us about the young Jesus. Focusing on Luke’s episode of the Finding of the Boy Jesus in the Temple (Lk 2:40-52), Fr Lucio Boccacci presents the boy Jesus’ life, identity, character, relationships, and purpose, in a way that’s never been done. This is a non-fiction account of the boy Jesus, based on scholarly research, and weaved together by convincing and converging ideas. The series is primarily written for adults. Available in print or Kindle. You are guaranteed to discover aspects of your Savior Jesus Christ you have never heard before!

Christ’s Youth Comes Alive in our new The Boy Jesus Series!

This series will help you explore all that God’s Word intended to tell us about the young Jesus. You will discover the immense treasure the Holy Spirit inspired Luke to deposit in the Finding of the Boy Jesus in the Temple (Lk 2:40-52).

The Boy Jesus Series provides a unique and refreshing look into Christ’s youth. We explore this part of Christ’s life which is usually not discussed in order to bring you new insights into his life and ministry. The Boy Jesus Series is available in six easy-to-digest books which can be used at home, in Bible Studies, or for personal study. Check out my video on the first book and click below for more videos.

Deepen Your Relationship with Christ

Our series will deepen your knowledge of Christ and thus your relationship with Him. You will also be immersed in the Gospels in a way that will connect Christ’s youth to the rest of his life and mission. You will be drawn to prayer and reflection as you read through each book!

Scripture Based

The series was designed to be wholly based on Scripture. The books are primarily based on the passage of the Finding of the Boy Jesus in the Temple in Luke’s Gospel (Lk 2:40-52) and historical information about first century Israel.

A Truly Unique Theme

You simply don’t hear much on the youth of Jesus. We jump from his infancy to his adult ministry. What happened in the middle? This book series is the only non-fictional account written for everyday Christians on this theme. Don’t miss out!

Easy to Read

The series is written for adults with a High School level of English. Each book is short and focused on a specific theme. It is also available in print, Kindle, and Audible. All of this means that even young people could enjoy this series!

About the Author

Father Lucio Boccacci was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and immigrated to the US when he was just six years old. He studied theology in Rome for three years and obtained a degree in Theology in 2016 from the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University. He is currently studying a license in spiritual theology and continuing to develop the Boy Jesus theme.

Milestones in the Life of the Boy Jesus

The only episode in up to 30 years of Jesus’ life.

The first words we know Jesus spoke.

The first public revelation initiated by Jesus.

The only words we know of Jesus’ adolescence.

The first time we know he asked a question (two questions, actually!)

The first time Jesus is the main protagonist.

The first time we know he mentioned his Father.

The first time we know he made an independent decision.

The first time we know he engaged in public debate.

The first time he (likely) celebrated Passover.

The first time he (likely) went on a pilgrimage.

The last time we hear about his foster father, Joseph.

In a way, the first time Jesus breaks Mary’s heart.

And the only time Mary expresses her suffering.

Loved the Books!

There was much broader knowledge shared than my expectation of the verses Luke 2:40-52. The relationship to other Scriptures, customs, and geography increased my knowledge, understanding, and spiritual growth. Thank you!

Kaye Ellis
Active Catholic from Tulsa, OK

I highly recommend it!

“This trustworthy and readable guide to Jesus’ adolescent years will open your mind and your heart to the richness of God’s Word.”

Fr Devin Roza
Author of “Fulfilled in Christ: The Sacraments. A Guide to Symbols and Types in the Bible and Tradition”

Great book full of insights into the life of Jesus as a boy!

Each book is eye-opening for me and very easy to read. The author gives so much insight into the 1st century background of history, word meanings, traditions, and common sense ideas to think about and reflect on for deeper understanding. I will never read these 13 verses of Luke’s Gospel the same again!

Judy Newberry
Grandmother and active lay Catholic in Northern Kentucky.

My books are now available in print, Kindle, and Audiobook format!

Magnifying Glass

An analysis of the text in Lk 2:40-52: authorship, source, context, structure, literary genre, historicity, and realism of the passage.

Boy Jesus

This book describes the boy Jesus’ life in Nazareth the years prior to the episode in the Temple. It sets the stage for Jesus’ first Passover pilgrimage at age 12. 


This book describes the boy Jesus’ first pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the feast of the passover and his experience of the Passover, up to an entire week of celebrations!

Searching for Jesus

This book covers from the holy family’s completion of their Passover duties to the instant just before finding Jesus in the Temple.

Teacher of Israel

This book describes what the boy Jesus did those three days spent in the Temple by himself as well as His interaction with the teachers of the law.


This book focuses on how this episode in Luke pivots Mary’s relationship with the Jesus in a whole new direction.

Book 7: Father

Look for my newest book, coming out soon!

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